Pililla Wind Farm Adventure: I Started Riding Again

Mental strength is equally as important if not more than physical strength.

It sounds like a sentence from any random motivational quote you might encounter on the internet. But I have proven this to be true during the last ride.

A little bit of backstory first:

About three months ago, I stopped riding my bike on long rides. In fact, it’s safe to say that I actually stopped riding.

All the weight I lost, I gained back plus more.

It’s not just me, most people in the house stopped riding their bikes about the same time I stopped.

So we decided to climb Pililla Wind Farm, which is on top of a mountain between Pililla, Rizal and Mabitac, Laguna. It was quite a ride as all of us had a setback when it comes to riding.

The ride was cut short to 80 kilometers instead of the original 100 kilometers as it was already dark. Since we didn’t prepare, we didn’t have the proper lights and blinkers for our bikes. A 20 km portion was spent riding a jeepney to cut the ride short.