Langaw Game Assets Preview

March 5, 2019
2 minutes

The 2D game development tutorial is at a point where there are only boxes on the screen. In the next part, we’ll be adding some assets. Here’s a Langaw game assets preview.

Just a quick post. Basically, the plan is to create five different types of flies. Each with different abilities.

The images below show the concept art for the game. They’ve been digitized and ready for the next tutorial which I’m still writing.

House fly and drooler fly. House fly is just your regular non-friendly neighborhood house fly. Drooler flies, on the other hand, have a special ability, it’s being slow. These two flies appear early on in the game.

Macho fly. This big guy’s name is Macho fly and he can withstand your regular punch.

Agile fly and hungry fly. Agile fly’s special power lies in its big eyes. He can detect your attack before it even happens. Hungry flies, on the other hand, are just hungry. They’ve evolved through millions of years to have a big mouth that can suck up entire piles of food in one swoop.

This is what the Langaws might look like in-game. That’s about for the Langaw game assets preview.

Follow along with the tutorial on how to make this game here.