Hi there! My name is Japa Alekhin Llemos and I’m a software engineer for the web, server, desktop, mobile, and game platforms. I also do electronics, mountain biking, long drives, and outdoors generally.

Other tech-related hobbies include:

  • Developing and contributing to open-source software.
  • Writing guides and tutorials about topics I’m passionate about (mostly tech). The tutorials are published in this blog and the free software can be found on my GitHub profile.
  • Helping people on my Discord server (feel free to join).

Need my help with an “idea”? Let me know.

Some life events

Jan 14, 2018 – Climbed Mt. Balagbag on my mountain bike.
Japa Alekhin and Melouna
May 22, 2017 – Long ride on my motorbike with my girlfriend to Lake Danao.